easy peasy “WOW” birthday cake

This is a show stopper of a birthday cake, it always gets a “wow” and it really is easy peasy to put together, the trick is in the detail!

All you need to do is make three sponge cakes, (I usually follow a Victoria Sponge recipe). Once cooled pop onto a cake plate of your choice and sandwich together with a little lemon curd, which I find helps to keep the sponge moist.

You can now go to town with your butter cream, here I used a shop bought strawberry flavoured butter cream. You can then either scatter with flowers or sweets or my marshmallow topper.

Now you just need to get hold of some floristry paper. You can usually pop into your local florist and ask for some, I usually get a couple of metres at 50p per metre. Lay your paper out and put you cake on top, then gather up the paper and secure with ribbon for a spectacular look. It’s great because this is what gives the cake its “Wow”, and also keeps it fresh for you.

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