What are we doing today?-10 quick and free answers

 ♥  ♥

1: Have a picnic

Head to the park and chill together.    Raining? no worries picnic on a blanket at home!

 ♥  ♥

2: Hold a talent show

Have you got some dressing up stuff at home? if so let them use their imagination and put on a talent show, you could invite friends and family and make a party of it!

♥  ♥

3: Home at the movies!

Get together to watch a dvd with everyone’s fave snacks.

♥  ♥

4: Go on a nature hunt

Pop outside rain or shine with suncream or wellies and see what you can spot. (flowers/birds/bugs etc.)

♥  ♥

5: Artist for the day

Let the kids show their creative side by drawing a portrait of someone using just a pencil and paper.

♥  ♥

6: Find out about your town

Most towns have a museum, which can sometimes be free. Pop along and find out more about the history of your town and make scrap books to show friends and family.

♥  ♥

7: Cake decorating competition

make some fairy cakes together and have a competition to see who can make them look the best! (invite some friends, the more the merrier!)

♥  ♥

8: Junk modeling

Raid your recycling and let the kids show their creative side by making models from it with sticky tape/string etc.

♥  ♥

9: Mini toy sale

Have your little poppits got any toys they don’t play with? If so have a rummage and a mini sale to your friends and neighbours. Any proceeds can be used to buy a treat.

♥  ♥

10: Blind taste testing

For a bit of fun try making some sandwiches with nice fillings and a few with horrors like jam and ham or Marmite and custard and see if there spotted! you’d be surprised!

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