Meet my chooks!

We got three lovely little Pekin Bantam hens back in March. They make lovely pets! The kids named them: Cuddles, Funky Chicken and Fluffy!

It’s great fun and we usually get about three yummy eggs a day.

Look out for more blogs soon about the cheeky stuff they get up too!

21 thoughts on “Meet my chooks!

    • thank you, the kids reckon they can guess whose laid their egg when they eat them! but then they are a bit bonkers, like me!

    • They are all mega friendly! but if i had to pick the littlest one is the nicest to us but is the boss of the brood! If they are fighting over slugs or something she always wins! But when we pick her up for a cuddle she is the most willing! x

  1. I’m actually quite terrified of these birdies, imagine being scared of chickens lol, but yours look really cute! In fact i think i’d like to meet them someday. 😀

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  3. Aww lovely hens! Our ex batts were named by the Children, we had Cuckoo, A4 (?) and Pokemon. We lost Pokemon and got Zelda, Liara, Starbuck and Sonja. OK the last three me and the boyfriend named.. But the others were the kids!

  4. Just checking out your hens with my little one who’s home from school, and they are the cutest! Love the name Funky Chicken. Emma wants to know if you’ll ever have chicks?

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