Diary of a haggard mother: Pulling a fast one on the tooth fairy!

Ok so my girls are losing a lot of teeth right now and have been visited loads by the tooth fairy. But my son has not been so lucky!

He’s got teeth like a dolphin and, a few slight wobbles aside, they aint going nowhere just yet! So I guess he has been feeling a bit glum to not have any £1 coins yet! (that’s how our tooth fairy rolls!)

So after school I was surprised to be presented with a tooth and a wide open mouth ready for inspection! There’s not much fooling us mums and knowing it wasn’t his I asked what had happened.

The story goes that he found it by the lunch boxes at school!

It seems there was a lot of competition going on with the other kids about whose tooth it was and, in the end my boy got lucky as his teacher deemed it to be his!

So I told him you’ve gotta be kidding me, pulling a fast one on the tooth fairy like that is so not cool, come on!, some poor kid must be very upset!

Then comes,  “But mum can’t I put it under my pillow anyway, I might get a coin?”, ” No son you can’t, I like your style but there’s no fooling the tooth fairy!”

Phew, the said tooth is now back at school, and will hopefully go to the right owner this time!

As for my son I reckon he’s gonna be a salesman or something when he grows up as he sure can spin a yarn!

Kids God love em!

11 thoughts on “Diary of a haggard mother: Pulling a fast one on the tooth fairy!

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  2. Teeth like a dolphin is such a brilliantly funny description! Cheered me up after a night of hardcore teething.

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