Diary of a haggard mother: My little salesman!

Since my last post my boy has finally gotton a great wobble on his front tooth!

He is so happy, it’s pretty much all he talks about. So I wasn’t to surprised to hear this cute little story:

He’s learning the recorder at the moment and should remember to take his book to his lesson, but he forgot so he says to the teacher “how much are the books?” who replied “£5.99”.

My little salesman then thought about this before saying, “tell you what can we call it £1 cos my tooths gonna come out real soon and I’ll get that from the tooth fairy, so I’ll give it to you and I can have a new book!”

I reckon the kids got style and if he can haggle with his teacher at 7 the sky’s the limit when he grows up!

He has promised that he’ll buy his old mum some diamond earings when he hits the big time, cute huh and I’m kinda counting on it!

Kids God love em!

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