Diary of a haggard mother: a visit from the green eyed monster!

Don’t get me wrong, I love my littlehorrorspoppits like crazy, but I can’t stand their mate the green-eyed monster one iota, especially on his most recent visit!

It all started when……….

My gorgeous 9 month old nephew came to stay for the day.

My mini diva loves these visits, but only in small doses and it was only a matter of time before a mini diva tantrum erupted, and she was off to her room where it was quiet!, shouting that she is the baba mio of the family. (don’t know what she means either!)

My 9-year-old was soo soo good with him but, at the end of the day, when there was nothing left for me to do but walk around with said baby, comes “you never do that with me, you only care about the baby!” gees!

It was only my boy who didn’t take a hit from the monster, but then again he was just happy that he was getting away with playing his games console way much more than he should!

All in all we had a blast and it was cool to have a baby in the house again, but I could have done without the green-eyed monster tagging along!…that geezer has a lot to answer for!

So after explaining that my mini diva would always be my baba mio! and that would my 9-year-old really want me to carry her around the house? We prized my son off his games console, had a group hug and shut the door tight on that monster. Phew!

kids god love em!

17 thoughts on “Diary of a haggard mother: a visit from the green eyed monster!

  1. WordPress needs an “emphatize” rather than like button, don’t you think? Anyway–popping in to say my three kids every once in a while will fight over the ownership of my lap… my hands… But we forgive them everything when they are peacefully asleep. 🙂

  2. My twin girls fight over who owns me or their dad… And I try to explain that they both do but somehow one of them thinks mommy really belongs to her and quietly squeezes in she’s my mommy lol.

    Bless their innocent hearts

  3. My middle son, Bency went through a period where he was very jealous of his new baby brother. My sister-in-law came to visit one week and her son is the same age as our youngest. Bency instantly fell in love with his new cousin and asked if we could keep him instead of Cesar because he liked him better!!! I was holding and doting on my nephew and he was perfectly fine with it…just had something against his own brother! I’m so happy he finally got over that!!! LOL!

  4. 🙂 I have only one baby (17 months old) but when his cousin (5 years old) comes over the green monster always makes an appearance in our house! 🙂 when his cousin leaves, I hold him really tight and he loves it and enjoys it! 🙂 Oh! kids 🙂

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