just for fun: virtual wishing party!

One of my lovely fellow bloggers karenyim invited me to take part in her virtual dinner party! it was fun although I did find myself salivating over all the gorgeous “virtual” food!

Anyways the idea is you then throw one of your own! Me being me I had to give it my own twist so I’m throwing a wishing party!

Each guest gets to make a wish and then party on! and hey they may come true!

The rules said you have to invite 5 bloggers and 5 virtual guests who cannot be family. I’ve never been one for rules but I’m guessing I better stick to some, so I’m gonna have five special blogging guests of honour, but our whole blogging family is invited, you know like PARTY!

and for my virtual guests:

  • Daniel Craig. (come on folks we may need something to look at security!
  • Peter Kay. LOVE him (please say you know him British comedian!)
  • Chris Martin. Bit of a crush on my part, come on it’s coldplay!
  • Jamie Oliver. gorgeous party nibbles and drinks
  • Gok Wan. to get us looking ace for the party! (fun style guru)

Ok, so I’m really kinda mega hoping you’ll all be up for this! So please (pretty please) come along and make your wishes, leave em in the comment box. It’s just for fun but lets see if they come true and have a blast trying!

First Up me:

“I wish for an end to child poverty and please please please could I be size 8 for the day!”

35 thoughts on “just for fun: virtual wishing party!

  1. I wish for an end to all the wars and please please let my baby sleep through the night for once!! Thanks for the invite. I will post my virtual party a little later. I’ve got a turkey to tend to! (Besides my husband LOL)

  2. Okay, I’m in. If there had been any reservations on my part they vanished when I knew Daniel Craig was coming!!!

    My wish(es), World Peace (obviously), honest to goodness action on the Climate (just as elusive) and for the cabbage moths to leave my broccoli alone!

    Do we each bring something to the party from our garden/kitchen/craft room?

    BTW, the link you have against me goes absolutely nowhere – maybe it’s a spy trying to disrupt this great event. Could Daniel Craig look into it for us 🙂

      • I’ll bring pots of honey and dozens of spoons. Though honey is great for cooking and baking, it’s best eaten right out of the jar with a spoon!

        Give my thank’s to Daniel for fixing the link. Feel free to give him a hug for me 😉

  3. Cute idea! You did say whole blogging family right 😉 Assuming world peace is covered, I would wish for every single child to have a safe childhood with access to food, shelter, education and lots of love. I also wish airfares were free. Too much?

  4. Thanks for inviting me to the party!!! My wish is for a simpler life for all of us who have too much… myself and my country included… debt, junk, clutter, 40 hour work weeks, processed foods, etc…. and for all of that time and energy to go back to what’s important: more time with family and friends, helping those who need it, and simple healthy diets (loving my backyard chicken eggs!) And my second wish is that my kids would never fight with each other again, but work out their differences through civilized conversation. For virtual party food I’m bringing a salad with tomatoes and basil from my imaginary garden and goat cheese from my imaginary cashmere goats, from which I also knitted imaginary cashmere scarves to give to everyone here as party favors. 🙂

    • This scarf is lovely and I’m sure your imaginary goats will make the softest cashmere. Thank you for making me a scarf. Please make mine in the lovely grey in the picture, no wait, dark red. Oh, I think black would be best, I could wear it with anything. Oh darn it, make me 5 please. Is this the best party ever or what? 🙂

      I want my own goats so I can start making cheese but I don’t think I can keep goats in my small garden and even if the council would allow it I’m sure my naughty goats would eat all of my vegetables and I’d be so angry so maybe they’re best left imaginary.

      • LOL! I’m sure they would be very naughty in real life, but I can’t help wishing that someday I can figure out a way to make it work. I saw a really lovely white one named Alice at a Flock and Fiber Festival this fall, and I wanted to take her home so badly!!!

      • oooh alpacas would be fun too! I love knitting with alpaca wool. I don’t think you’re bonkers, I’m totally with you! But my husband is in the same camp as your family. His tolerance for the number of animals in our family is dwindling. My daughter and I are totally bonkers about them. She wanted to bring an angora rabbit home from the festival. We both had to content ourselves with skeins of wool from each of our favorite animals.

      • We seem to be running out of reply space here. But I just have to reply about the “bonkers” comment. Yes, you’re bonkers (both of you). And so am I. Isn’t it nice sharing an insanity? Some people have boring old sane hobbies – I much prefer being a total nutter 🙂

  5. Love your wish! 🙂 Ok here is mine! : I wish this year we will have a beautiful Christmas with all my family and my hubby’s family too! hope everyone will get along! 🙂 I also wish that all the kids around the world would have parents or someone to take care of them and love them as much as I love my little baby boy because I think all children deserve to be taken care of and loved unconditionally to grow up to be the best they can be! 🙂 As for what I’m bringing to the party : 1000 RED Velvet cupcakes with 1000 strawberries for all of us to eat while we party! 🙂 Thanks again for inviting me! 🙂 & I would like a new fireplace ! just wishing! 🙂

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