Love ♥ love ♥ love ♥ granny chic!

Help I’m in love with granny, chic that is!

It all kicked off when I set my eyes on this gorgeous book, granny chic from dottie angel and ted & agnes. It oughta come with a warning cos I’m addicted! I’m lovin fabric wrapping. It’s like patchwork but instead of stitching you glue (I know neat huh!).

All you do is grab yourself some wallpaper paste and stick patches of fabric to whatever you fancy (alright not the kids!), paste all over the top and leave to dry. Then apply several coats of clear varnish, sit back and admire your work!

At this moment I’m looking around the house with a glintful eye for something else to cover in fabric, driving my family bonkers as per!

If you like this granny chic style you have so totally gotta give this a whirl!

22 thoughts on “Love ♥ love ♥ love ♥ granny chic!

  1. Oh Wow! I love this! 🙂 it’s so pretty and so girly! If I get my hands on this , I’m scared I will be wrapping everything around the house (& I’m the only girl here! ) 🙂 It looks GREAT! 🙂

  2. Stumbled across this post via your retro sideboard one. You create such beautiful pieces. This looks like a fun addiction to have:)
    I think I might give it a try myself. Do you have to use a special varnish over the top? Also what does the finish feel like when complete? Is it hard wearing?

    • thanks glad you like it! I use just a clear satin varnish for the top, it does take at least 3 coats, then you get a lovely shiny finish, as to hard-wearing I would say it is fairly hard wearing. thanks for stopping by. xxx

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