Diary of a haggard mother: Please god not another sick bug!

my little poppits

Why does the dreaded sick bug always hit fast and without warning?

Surrounded by three very green looking littlepoppits you kinda know the sick bug has hit our gaff!

So armed with disinfectent, scrubbing brushes, n bowls let battle commence. I’m ready for ya!

Fighting talk I know but it doesn’t matter how many bowls I put by in our pad, my lot never use them, oh no. My darling littlehorrorspoppits much prefer any other place and are particularly attracted to my cream lounge carpet, which always takes a battering!

Anyways things were lookin up, all bases covered n clean. Then Nooooooooooooo my boy’s been hiding behind the sofa eating toast!

It took about 60 seconds and boom yeah enough said don’t you think!

Kids God love em!

28 thoughts on “Diary of a haggard mother: Please god not another sick bug!

  1. Yikes! Maybe you can put the handle of a bucket around their necks with the opening right under their chin. That way so your carpets are safe :-O (In case you didn’t guess, I have no children. Chickens and bees are much more considerate about my flooring! 🙂 )

  2. All the stains on our carpet from the kids getting sick are like battle scars, each with their own story. We can look at one and say, “Oh remember when so and so was sick that year and this and this happened.” It’s like we have our own story written all over our floor!!

  3. This was us two weeks ago with our three little one. Then my husband and I got it too. But, (tmi warning) we only had it out the back end. Still gross, but at least we have better aim. Ha!

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