Oo-er missus! me chooks are freezing!

Help my chooks are freezing their feathers off!

I’m worried that they will be little blocks of ice in their coop! they’ve gotton extra hay n mega extra corn outta me and even got me thinking about heating! ( I know mad huh!)

Those cute little tap tapits at the door are getting kinda hard to ignore, and with talk of another big freeze here in good old blighty spreading what will become of my poor chooks!

As we speak I am thinking about crocheting them some jumpers- Nooooooo!

Reckon they could be spending christmas in our pad, but then my whole family will know for certain I am bonkers, what to do? and anyways how do I get the chooks to leave after!!?!

35 thoughts on “Oo-er missus! me chooks are freezing!

  1. Oh no! Poor little girls! How cold is it? Is their water freezing over? I hear that bantams are more susceptible to cold than bigger birds. I also read that the most important thing is to keep your coop free from drafts, and that you can cover the open wire areas with heavy plastic to keep the drafts out, so the bubble wrap is probably a good idea. And if you are really worried, a heat lamp probably wouldn’t be a bad idea either. I’m worried about my hens this winter as well, even though they are supposed to be pretty hardy, but so far it hasn’t been below freezing, so we will cross that bridge when we come to it.

  2. This will be my fourth winter with chickens and we haven’t lost any to frostbite yet. As long as they are dry and out of the wind, they will snuggle up together and keep each other remarkably warm. Before we got our coyote-proof coop built (http://literalroadfarm.com/2012/07/23/and-we-have-a-chicken-coop-aka-the-chickens-have-a-nicer-house-than-i-do/), my chickens were in a portable chicken tractor. I would put blankets and tarps over it at night in the winter, and they did just fine. I did one year put the tractor in the garage when we had record cold weather, but never have a used a heat lamp and I think they have been just fine? I would looooooove to see them wearing little jumpers, however, LOL!

  3. Where do you live? We seem to go back and forth between very warm and very cold weather here in Iowa. I want to see pictures if you make them little jumpers, or fleecy blankets! 🙂

    I have always thought it would be cool to raise chickens!

    • We are in the south of England (UK)! we do get quite cold winters and just had a bit of a artic freeze last year and I got worried. I am a mad hen owner!
      It is well cool raising chooks but I am far too attatched! x

  4. How about hot water bottles? I used one when camping and found if I put really hot water in the bottle at night, it’s actually still got some warmth left in the morning (thanks to me hugging it all night). And they are rubber so you can wash off any poo. I wouldn’t do it every night but if a big cold snap is coming, a couple of bottles in the (well insulated) coop might just take the chill off. Or maybe that’s a totally daft idea.

    I must say your chickens look really lovely when they’re cold. They fluff themselves (God’s Down Jacket) to stay warm and they look fluffy and fat.

  5. They are so cute, all fluffed up. I’m not sure how cold it gets where you live but I like the hot water bottle idea and the insulation. I don’t think it gets cold enough where I live for the cold to be an issue.

  6. It doesn’t get anywhere near freezing here and I have a heat lamp on my girls….I figure if I’m going to be all warm and toasty, I should let them be, too! Definitely spoiled, but I don’t care! 🙂

  7. We have had Snow all week up her in the NE of Scotland -10 C today I have 68 free range chucks, Down to -18C last year and no probs just make sure they get a good drink first thing in the morning and corn before they roost,that will keep them warm, and you could put a little vaseline(petroleum jelly) on their Combs and wattles to stop the frostbite.

  8. Vaseline on their combs and wattles will keep them from frost bite. A red heat lamp is best, but even a standard 60watt bulb will do wonders in the coop. Shredded newspaper in the nest area is also a great insulator from the cold…. this is also a great way to get rid of all that shredded mail. Nothing wrong with free bedding either! Hope this helps! 🙂

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