retro sewing box-granny chic style!

This cute retro sewing box jumped out at me when I was stalking just passing my fave charity shop. Sweet huh, and best yet it only cost me £4 so I couldn’t just leave it behind now could I?

Of course it was screaming “granny chic me” and I just had to oblige!

If you don’t know about my current addiction to granny chic a la dottie angel you can check out my post love love love granny chic it oughta fill you in!

29 thoughts on “retro sewing box-granny chic style!

  1. Very awesome!!! I absolutely love your afghan too! I’m assuming you made it! I just bought a huge bag of crochet thread at an estate sale today for $1.00! I just need to get some needles now and of course find out how to crochet and I’ll be on my way…you keep inspiring me to try it out!

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