Oh I do love to be beside my doilys!

Yay littlepoppits is back with a bump! (not a baby one!) guess me and my gang partied a bit too hard, Can you do that! no didn’t think so either. Anyways here’s just one of the things I’ve been up too!

I just love crochet doilys and have a HUGE stash of the things, mostly vintage and a few I’ve made when patience allowed (not many of these!). I was chuffed to bits to find a use for them in my trusty granny chic book! (if you wanna get your mitts on it it’s by dottie angel and ted & agnes.)

It’s a beautiful idea and so easy. You just arrange your doilys in a way that makes you happy and sew together with embroidery thread, you do this very obviously and roughly which is great for me as I don’t sew well!. It can be as few for a table mat or loads for a gorgeous bedspread! I made a tablecloth, and I reckon it’s dead cute!

p.s. you may also notice that my fabric wrapping obsession is still going strong, as you can see from my table! (opps)

15 thoughts on “Oh I do love to be beside my doilys!

  1. Welcome back 🙂 Oh! yes, I did notice your fabric wrapping obession 🙂 it looks great, your table and the crochet doilys, I should do this, I have a couple of these; made from my hubby’s grandma 😉 Glad to have you back 🙂

  2. Sorry, it’s too pretty. I’d never want to put a glass of red wine on it. I’d end up covering all its beauty under heavy plastic or something really ugly. Or I could always switch to white wine 🙂

  3. I have tons of doilies! I just switch mine out occasionally on my end tables…I need to do something like this! Also, I noticed the table in your last post with the kids doing the cards but wasn’t sure if it was newly done or not! I won’t be surprised if you do your walls next!!

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