Diary of a haggard mother: Oh the joy of the dentist!

A trip to the dentist is always something I dread but it’s the waiting room that really gets my goat!

See something always goes down when my littlepoppits hit the scene, and our latest visit was no different!

My eldest heads for the joke book to continually recite jokes to all in earshot and many who are not! (kinda cute I guess). Meanwhile my boy has spotted the water machine and what with the lady next to him tutting and the pool of water on the floor, looks like he’s on cup 10 at least!

What to do, well right or wrong I told a porky, I quietly whispered that there was a camera connected to the police station watching and anymore messing around and we would probably get put in jail! That seemed to work and he moved away from the water machine pretty quick! So I was hopeful that I was looking like a good mum in control.

Not a chance, a quick glance to my left and my youngest is scoffing sweets she’s smuggled in past me!

Oh well. Kids god love em.

14 thoughts on “Diary of a haggard mother: Oh the joy of the dentist!

  1. they are so funny and you are so funny with the whole camera connected to the police station, I will remember this one for mine when he gets older 😉 btw, I dislike going to the dentist myself, since I was a kid, I used to cry to not go 😉

  2. Oh dear, what did the dentist say when he had to scrape all those sweets of your little poppits teeth 😮 Maybe next time you have to say there’s a camera linked to the Police Station and to Tooth Fairy Headquarters.

  3. I told my kids that we have secret video cameras set up all over the house and whenever something gets broken and they don’t know what happened and they are blaming each other about who started a fight I just tell them I will go get my secret video camera and review the footage and then they will be in REALLY big trouble! They always divulge the details about what happened then! Now, with your bonus knowledge I will have secret cameras set up all over the place!!! haha!!!

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