My chooks make some friends!

It’s been pretty cold down here in good old blighty and when the sun came out to play so did the chooks and their mates!

I know some of my gorgeous blogging family have been missing seeing them, especially laura rittenhouse so I got as many piccies as I could today. I even managed to snap a yellow tit, which I promised to show  seasongirl.

But my fave has got to be a snap of the chooks best mate, our resident blackbird. She sneaks into their coop every day to grab some munchies!

Have a butchers!

28 thoughts on “My chooks make some friends!

  1. Beautiful chooks! I was going to ask you what “Have a Butchers!” means, since I’ve never heard it before and my mind conjured up visions of butchering chickens, but I didn’t want to appear too ignorant so I looked it up on wiki and what do you know…it means “Have a look”, right? I love this…I love your family! ❤

    • they are little pekin bantams, lavander blue. I got them from my local breeder and I would have loved the cockeral but too noisy for my neighbours. If I am ever luck enough to have more land I will get more! x

  2. Thank you kindly, Ma’am, love the photos. Those chooks are not just downright pretty, they are so funny too. They have the whole world to stare at and they choose to roost in a muddy corner staring at a bit of plastic and a solid wall. Or had you sent them to the naughty corner 🙂

    I too love their feathery feet but they probably aren’t the best feet for your climate – too much mud. Perhaps they are desert chicken?

    • I know they always go there! it gets the sun at this time of year, and its whats left of my veg patch! the plastic is my poor greenhouse that’s blown down in the wind, which I’ve been too lazy to pick up! They’re feet are cute and feathered feet chooks are supposed to not scratch around so much, but not my girls they seem to love mud!

  3. Your chickens look lovely! Our enclosure usually contains pheasants as well but they seem to get on with the chickens who even move over to share their food.

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