Spreading the love

It’s been a bit mad here at littlepoppits, so I kinda went off the radar for a bit there! But hey I’ve come right back with a bump to spread the love with some gorgeous awards!

I grabbed this award from the gorgeous stitchsharer, If you love crafting you will totally LOVE this very inspirational blog.


The lovely sadder but wiser girl, passed this award on to me. Her blog is so cool and funny I always have a chuckle reading her posts.


Daniellajoe’s Blog passed this to me. I am totally in awe of her amazing crochet blog. If you haven’t already done so, hop on over and take a look.

I was pleased as punch, to receive these awards from such amazing blogs and would love to share them with some of my favourite blogging pals. So pick one if you would like to, answer the questions at the bottom and spread the love.

  • 1. What inspired you to start blogging? My gorgeous sister in law, she had one and I wanted in!
  • 2.  How did you come up with the name for your blog? My kids inspired me!
  • 3  What is your favorite blog that you like to read? I can’t name just one!
  • 4  Tell about your dream job (maybe you’re doing it now!) oooo, I would love to be my own boss, in a cafe by the sea!
  • 5  Is your glass half full or half empty? Full to bursting!
  • 6  If you could do anywhere for a week’s vacation, where would you go? Laura rittenhouses garden!
  • 7.  What food can you absolutely not eat? Broad beans
  • 8.  Dark chocolate or milk chocolate? Both!
  • 9.  How much time do you spend blogging-in other words, are you one of those lucky people who can dash off a blog post in no time, or like me and take forever on one post to get it just right? I never seem to have enough time and take ages!
  • 10. Do you watch TV-if so what are some of your favorite shows? I don’t watch much but I love stuff that makes me laugh, currently Miranda (british sitcom).

40 thoughts on “Spreading the love

  1. Yay! welcome back! and congrats on these lovely awards!!! hope you will see more of these coming your way; I just nominated you for a couple of these too! thanks to for the nomination and hope you will have a great week too!

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  4. Congratulations! I must say you are great at spreading the love. 🙂 Is there a SPREADING THE LOVE AWARD??? And thank you for sharing with me! Coming over here to your place is like coming to your house for tea and a bit of a lift…your children always put a smile on my face. Love to all of you… xxxx

    • aww you too! they are a bit of alright! will be sending you a bit of Bognor Regis soon and looking forward to news of another grandchild for you! (still cannot believe you are a grandma you look far too young!) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

      • I’m going to go this afternoon to see my daughter-in-law’s ultrasound. She is a week late…I’m not worried, I was 3 weeks late with two of mine, but they want her to have this, so she invited me to watch. I hope she has it soon. I’ll let you know when the baby comes. 🙂

  5. Well done on all your award nominations! Totally deserved – you write with such sparkle – it is indeed worth sharing 🙂 And of course thanks so much for nominating me. I will get off my backside and do an award post and answer me some of yo’ questions!

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