pretty makeover for old boats

Sailing has always played a big part of life for us here, so basically we have a lot of boats and classic model yachts around the joint!

One in particular had seen better days and glancing through one of my fave books, Homemade gifts vintage style by Sarah moore, I fell upon this sweet idea.

To refurbish the sails all you need to do is simply sew the new fabric to the existing sails. To do this lay the boat down on a piece of paper and draw around the sails to make templates and cut them out. Chalk these templates onto fabric. Cut the fabric out and pin onto the sails, using a needle and thread, sew all the way round the edges using small running stitches.

I think it looks bonza and hubby is still talking to me! (he’s just glad I didn’t spray it pink, which between you and me I very nearly did!)

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