Have a heart for valentines day ♥

My pad is full to bursting with hearts, so I figured I’d share them with you guys since it’s valentines an all!

  • One of my faves is little puffed hearts. I like to attach mine to jar lids and granny squares. You just need to crochet two hearts, stuff them and sew together.
  • Then there is a dead cute idea for a heart twig tree from lucy’s blog at attic24. (you can find great heart patterns and instructions here too)
  • I also love my little beaded heart garland, and what about a sweet cross-stitch message in a cute frame?

I’ve also snuck in a peak at my latest tea cosy, I’m thinking of replacing the pom-pom with a massive heart. Yet more proof that I’m bonkers!

36 thoughts on “Have a heart for valentines day ♥

  1. I really love your beded hearts. I can see tying beaded hearts to everything – chair backs, lamp bases, wineglass stems. Which works really well for Valentines Day but does kind of single you out as a nutter if you do it all year round. But they’re too nice to lock in a drawer for 51 weeks a year. A ture dilemma.

    • Well I reckon the nutter factor is fine! My girls love it, hubby just rolls his eyes and my boy josh has given up on any boy stuff! Ps. I havent left the chooks out, theyve got some too! Step to far??!!?

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