Half-term fun at Saltern Copse

Here at littlepoppits i’m just about keeping my head above water really enjoying half-term!

We had a great adventure yesterday which I thought I’d share with you. We had a lovely nature walk at a beautiful beauty spot near us, Saltern Copse in Chichester Harbour. We like to get a large stick and attach things we find on our walk to it with string and keep in the garden to remember our fun times!

here’s some pics:

18 thoughts on “Half-term fun at Saltern Copse

  1. What a cool idea with the stick! My daughter always wants to collect things on walks, and I’m tired of my pockets getting all dirty from her “treasures”. And I have to say, I really love your crossed out phrases. They always crack me up!

  2. What wonderful photos! I am sorry to say I’m not an outdoorsy (or is it outdoorsey?) person, but you’ve made me want to join you on that hike!

  3. What a wonderful idea with the stick and the string, a great way to remember those happy family days. The harbout looks like a great place for the kids to run free and enjoy collecting treasures for their stick. Thankyou for sharing on Country Kids and hope you can join me again.

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