littlepoppits says NO to bullying

My blogging chum over at let the wild flowers grow has been struggling with bullying at her kid’s school and I figured this really sucks.

At my kid’s school they run an anti bullying campaign, all the kids design a poster to show how horrible bullying is and the winner gets a book token. It’s a great idea and it really makes the kids think about the issue and how horrible it is.

Of course there is always going to be that kid who keeps on bullying, and even the teacher who doesn’t listen or see, but if we can get our kids to see it’s not right, then hopefully they will have the strength to tell someone and stand up for their friends.

So come on guys, join in the campaign and stop those bullies, it’s gotta be worth a shot!

19 thoughts on “littlepoppits says NO to bullying

  1. Anti-bullying campaigns are a must as far as I’m concerned…it is completely heart-warming that your gorgeous kiddies have created wonderful pics to highlight this issue in their school 🙂

  2. Thanks hun!Yep-would be wonderful if all schools actually ‘fostered’ a program,and paid attention individually to a child!Would make a huge difference!xxx

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  4. I’ve just shared it on my blog too for you – plus I’ve written about the program that my son’s school participates in and put a link direct to it. Hopefully it might provide some ideas for people who might have to deal with bullying in schools etc. Ps, love your new header – that whole picture is a very good depiction of bullying from a child’s perspective. xo Melissa

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