pretty spring bunting

When I saw this simple design by Jane Hughes at tea wagon tales I couldn’t resist trying it out.

I adore making granny squares and love bunting, so yay it’s a match made in heaven. Of course me being me I can’t stop and can currently be found making bucket loads of the stuff, yikes somebody stop me!

31 thoughts on “pretty spring bunting

  1. They look lovely 🙂 I agree they are addictive aren’t they… but then you can never have enough bunting I think. Thanks for sharing! have fun, love from Jane

  2. Super cute!!! And such pretty colors. Nice work! There are MUCH worse things to be addicted to, and much less productive as well. I, for one, wouldn’t have the heart to stop you… I’m the same way with my knitting… can’t put it down sometimes. 🙂

  3. Oh lovely!

    I am yet to pick the hooks back up since my last try… My book should come this month though to help me! 🙂 yay!

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