saving the planet and mummys bum! part 2

Ok so I dropped off the blogging radar for a while there (again), but hey I’ve been working my butt off literally!


Hey guy’s remember back in part 1 I joined a cool running group on facebook, 5k a day keeps the fat at bay! The challenges are bronze: 5k per week in one run, silver run a total of 35k per week, gold run 5k every day.

I found silver works best for me and I’ve just finished week 5, for a butt busting total of 175k so far. Join in with me here, it’ll be fun!

I’m still not sure how I’m doing this!!??, but I’m starting to love it! I’m even thinking of signing up to a local half marathon. (If you can hear laughter right now that’ll be my proper cheeky family) Tell you what though, this girl is so gonna show em!

As for my bum, well I can’t share a snap just yet cos it still looks like this:

about the size of 2x rhinoceros’ bums!

lol Teresa x

34 thoughts on “saving the planet and mummys bum! part 2

  1. Good for you! I have to admit I would rather stick hot needles in my eyes than run, but them I am getting on a bit and am basically lazy when it comes to exercise, but really admire people who have the discipline to do it – especially in all kinds of weathers! Nikki

  2. Nice to have you back Teresa and good for you on all your hard work! You’ve inspired me… Although I am unable to run due to a chronic condition, I will start to do some walking and those darned excercises I need to do. And I still don’t believe you have a bum the size of 2 rhino’s bums!!

  3. Good on you!!! I’ve just torn a calf muscle being silly and doing too much on a long run so out of the running game for a bit. I’m missing it! I’ve become a big walker in running’s absence. Keep us posted.

  4. nice work lady!
    i just started going to a bootcamp class at 5:45 in the morning 3x week. it’s crazy, but kind of great.
    keep up the good work!

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