pretty daisy chain necklace

I am like a magpie when it comes to flowers and diamonds, and as flowers are cheaper I’m always covered in tons of them! So when I was thinking of ideas to enter woolhogs made it monthly challenge, flowers were on my mind,  just a little!

What can be cuter than this super cute daisy chain necklace, the daisies are attached to a simple crochet chain and fastened with a button. I love it and can currently be found day-dreaming of meadows filled with buttercups and daisies!

50 thoughts on “pretty daisy chain necklace

  1. Lovelovelove! And I love the pic of you – it’s silly, but I always picture people as looking like their avatars – so in my mind, you’re a cute little girl. You must see me as an old-timey boy pointing at his sister!

  2. I can see that dream too, a field full of daisies and buttercups with my little Emma running through it with your little poppits… she loves pick flowers for her mummy and she would love wearing this pretty necklace around her neck! Can’t wait for you to have your on-line shop!!!

  3. How utterly adorable! I can think of a few little girls at my school who would be begging you for a necklace right about now. You are absolutely beautiful in that photo; I hope we get to see more pictures of you soon!

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