cute retro sideboard

It was love at first sight when I clapped my eyes on this cute retro sideboard! It just needed a bit of granny chic charm, how could I resist! A quick lick of paint and a sweet retro fabric lining later and here it is packed with all my goodies!

49 thoughts on “cute retro sideboard

  1. I thoroughly enjoy your blog and I just took one look at this cabinet before reading the post and thought this is soooooooooo you!! There’s crochet gear, chicken books and of course the colour pink. Love it!

    • thank you, thats so nice of you to say! yes I seem to be well known for my pink addiction, much to my son’s displeasure! I honestly did try to do another colour but the pink went too well with my material! xxxx

  2. Your work of Art, Creativity, and Imagination is truly a Blessing of a Gift from A B O V E. You highlighted, made it New, and very beautiful. Great Job, Teresa! Be Blessed, Mtetar

  3. It’s awesome. Your wonderful transformation of the sideboard makes me want to head to the flea market to search for old furniture that I could re-purpose.

  4. So fun!!! Never too much pink, in my opinion. 😉 The shop idea is fabulous… crochet and re-finished furniture… all granny chic… I can totally picture it!

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