Diary of a haggard mother-Cute birthday wishes

my little poppits

It’s still monday, which means I’ve just made it to link up with olivers mad house to share this magic moment!

The title of this post sounds innocent enough I know, but don’t be fooled by those cute looking faces, (ok maybe just a bit!)

Recently it was my birthday, I had a great day and any mum loves cards from her kids don’t they? well how about this one:

Roses a red, violets are blue, poo is brown and so are you!

Don’t you just love my darling littlehorrorspoppits, they’ve sure got this mumma wrapped right around those cute little fingers!

23 thoughts on “Diary of a haggard mother-Cute birthday wishes

  1. He! He! Love it. That could have been written by my little boy-what is it with poo?! Were we as obsessed when we were little? They do look lovely in the photo though-little poppits indeed!

  2. Your little poppits sure love writing poetry to their mama. You should make a book with your collection of their poetry and have little crochet covers! How cute is that! Happy Birthday Teresa!

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