flower power bag

yikes I finished my bag in time for the made it monthly challenge over at the gorgeous woolhogs by the skin of my teeth!

It’s a sort of combination of lots of things I’ve spied in books and magazines and I love it. I’m trying to make enough stock to start an online shop so I’m a bit of a dusty mole surrounded by yarn and crochet hooks, with a pink bow on my head of course!

recently my beloved hubby told me I would never make enough money for all my time, but that has just made me all the more determined, so watch this mole hole!

ps I can’t wait to tell you about a gorgeous package I received from knitexpressions and heaps of yummy awards to share too!

love and hugs Teresa ♥ (aka dusty mole!)

63 thoughts on “flower power bag

  1. Ooh, lovely. Don’t listen to the negativity, it’s about passion and not just money (though obviously it helps!) Am in awe of your talent-can’t sew at all, really really bad at it.

      • You’ve not seen my attempts at sewing. Honestly, I’m spectacularly bad! My gran taught me how to crochet but I’ve forgotten how to do it now, which is a shame. Glad your ears are closed to any negativity!

  2. I love it too! Soooo cute and girly!! Never mind what hubby says Teresa… you do it anyway! Whenever mine says something practical, I ignore him and do it anyway!! Miss you…

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