Yay! little poppits has a Misi shop

I’ve finally come out of my dusty mole hole and seen the light! my shop is ready, yay! The only down side is I can’t sell outside of the UK as my Insurance doesn’t cover it, but I’m looking into how to change that.

For those of you who don’t know, I recently had a craft fair, how did it go? Well let’s just say not good, it was dead as a dodo and I nearly shot myself!

But wait, something amazing did come out of it! I got a commission from a gorgeous retro ice cream van business to make some flower and ice cream garlands, how chuffed am I! I also met a whole bunch of gorgeous people. Of course my poppits cheerfully ran around spending their wonga on all the other stalls and my Aimee was very much attracted to the puppet stall! you’ll see what she picked up in my gallery! (enough said!)

That’s why I’ve been off the blogging radar for so long, in my dusty mole hole creating beautiful stuff (so it’s not all bad!)

For my on-line shop I decided to go with Misi, it was very easy to set up. It costs just 20p to list an item and they take 3% commission which, for my first baby steps is perfect. I did have a bit of trouble adding my photos, they had to be under 1mb, but the hubster sorted it by simply adjusting my phone so it only takes photos under this now, genius!

Ahh yes, speaking of the hubby has he been any more supportive yet, hmm in a word no! The grapevine has it he was heard telling Josh ” if your mum makes £50 I’ll eat my hat and a mouldy sandwich!”, aint love grand!

But I’m gonna show him, these might be baby steps now but for sure my millions are coming, ok so maybe just enough to get that big mac but who’s counting!

love and hugs Teresa ♥

39 thoughts on “Yay! little poppits has a Misi shop

  1. 🙂 and online shop brill, I wish you every success. So sorry that the craft fair was a bit of a let down. Men eh! one day you’ll show him just keep up the good work.

  2. How amazing to get a commission. You do make beaut stuff so it’s nice to know some people (no, I’m not talking about your hubby) have good taste.

    Start working on a homemade hat (I suggest leather) and get a sandwich ready (liverwurst perhaps?) and set it in a warm, moist spot for the best growth results – I predict your hubster will be needing them soon 🙂

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    • Well I made so much for the craft fair and as it was so dead I had loads over! It is weird, I got a commission which was great but I felt like saying are you sure, hope its ok! But my mum says come on, it’s great, be confident! It’s just baby steps, but I hope it will be a success one day! So if I can do it you can! Xxxx

  4. Yay! You did it Teresa!! Good for you girlfriend! Now I need to get my act together and get an Etsy shop, no? Too bad for that insurance thingy… I checked your shop and it’s perfect! I’ve said this many times before, that you and I would get along great. But now I just have to add that my hubby and your hubby would get along just fine as they seem to think alike!! Best of luck to you Teresa!! xoxo

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