Diary of a haggard mother! Frantic school mornings


Arrrgh! why is it so hard to get out of the door in the morning!

First off, everyone’s on a constant go slow. I mean, how long does it take to eat a bowl of corn flakes? My youngest can make this ritual last ages,  and were talking dark ages here!

And don’t even get me started on the mess! lets just say sticky corn flakes and milk covering the floor is no mums happy place!

Then there’s the nagging, oh how I hate that part! not sure whats worse having to do it or hearing me do it! Clothes on, teeth brushed, faces washed, you get the idea huh!

Ok shoes. What is it with kids and these things? they do not mix well, I mean seriously,  how many nags does it take before they are on the feet?

In our joint the average is 6, but I always have to tag on my final: “GET YOUR SHOES ON NOWwwwwwwww!” (job done!)

So,  just time for a quick mirror check and,  Uggh you cannot be serious!

Great,  it seems I will have to spend yet another school run looking like the gruffalo!

Kids, God love em!

Diary of a haggard mother: mini diva tantrums!


Ok, so my sweetheart of a six-year-old decides to have a tantrum getting in the car, as usual about who sits where! She wanted to go in the front and my son was having none of it!(it was his turn).

So enter a huge full on mini diva tantrum! My girls got some lungs on her and one guy actually walked by with fingers in ears!

What to do? well if there’d been any sand near by I would have buried my head in it, but being surrounded by tarmac, short of knocking myself out, I decided that would not be the best option!

So out came one of my best tricks “look, is that your teacher over there?” quick as a flash tantrum over. Phew!

Kids, God love em!