Half-term fun at Saltern Copse


Here at littlepoppits i’m just about keeping my head above water really enjoying half-term!

We had a great adventure yesterday which I thought I’d share with you. We had a lovely nature walk at a beautiful beauty spot near us, Saltern Copse in Chichester Harbour. We like to get a large stick and attach things we find on our walk to it with string and keep in the garden to remember our fun times!

here’s some pics:

Shogatsu! Japanese New Year postcards


This is such a cute idea that we got from my daughters brownie book!

In Japan at new year, people send special postcards to their friends and family, to say thank you for their help in the past year.

It’s a really sweet way to say thank you to loved ones, and the kids had great fun making some for their grandparents.

Christmas gingerbread manger


Me and my littlepoppits had a blast making this. It’s not perfect but hey who cares! Oh and the cookies went in 60(seconds)x

Grab yourself:

  • 225g/8oz butter, softened
  • 140g/5oz caster sugar
  • 1 egg yolk, lightly beaten
  • 2tsp vanilla extract
  • 250g/9oz plain flour
  • 25g/1oz cocoa powder
  • 2 tbsp finely chopped stem ginger
  • template for manger size desired
  • ready rolled icing, edible decorations, nativity figures, christmas cookie cutters

How too: (pre-heat the oven to 190°C/375ºF/Gas mark 5)

  • Put the butter and sugar into a bowl and mix well with a wooden spoon, then beat in the egg yolk and vanilla extract. Add the remaining ingredients and mix thoroughly. Wrap and refrigerate for 30-60 minutes
  • roll out your dough and cut to your desired template. Make christmas cookies with any leftover dough
  • Bake for 12-15 minutes. Leave to cool for 5-10 minutes, then carefully transfer to wire racks to cool completely.
  • apply icing to your cake plate and your gingerbread and assemble your manger. Wrap up with pretty paper and your good to go!

Christmas paper dolly chain


014This is such a cute idea and a great project to enjoy with your littlepoppits. I adapted it from an extract to a gorgeous book Kirstie Allsopp Craft by Kirstie Allsopp.

Grab yourself:

  • 4 pieces of A4 sized paper
  • Pencil
  • scissors
  • double-sided sticky tape
  • Christmas doilies

How too:

  1. Fold a piece of paper in half, then in half again to make a concertina. Draw the outline of half a dolly, and cut it out.
  2. Repeat with remaining paper to end up with eight dollys and stick together with tape.
  3. Take a doilie and fold in half and then again. Cut along the folds to make four triangular dresses, snip the top and stick to your dolly.
  4. Take another doilie and snip off the lacy border. Fold into four equal pieces and stick to the back of your dolly to create wings.
  5. Add a little head-piece with any remaining scraps of doilie.
  6. using your pens draw on hair and faces.
  7. Staple a length of ribbon to each end and hang up.

Yay job done!

I got my christmas doilies from a charity shop, but you could use any doilie you can get your mitts on and jazz em up in christmasy ways!

retro sewing box-granny chic style!


This cute retro sewing box jumped out at me when I was stalking just passing my fave charity shop. Sweet huh, and best yet it only cost me £4 so I couldn’t just leave it behind now could I?

Of course it was screaming “granny chic me” and I just had to oblige!

If you don’t know about my current addiction to granny chic a la dottie angel you can check out my post love love love granny chic it oughta fill you in!

just for fun: virtual wishing party!


One of my lovely fellow bloggers karenyim invited me to take part in her virtual dinner party! it was fun although I did find myself salivating over all the gorgeous “virtual” food!

Anyways the idea is you then throw one of your own! Me being me I had to give it my own twist so I’m throwing a wishing party!

Each guest gets to make a wish and then party on! and hey they may come true!

The rules said you have to invite 5 bloggers and 5 virtual guests who cannot be family. I’ve never been one for rules but I’m guessing I better stick to some, so I’m gonna have five special blogging guests of honour, but our whole blogging family is invited, you know like PARTY!

and for my virtual guests:

  • Daniel Craig. (come on folks we may need something to look at security!
  • Peter Kay. LOVE him (please say you know him British comedian!)
  • Chris Martin. Bit of a crush on my part, come on it’s coldplay!
  • Jamie Oliver. gorgeous party nibbles and drinks
  • Gok Wan. to get us looking ace for the party! (fun style guru)

Ok, so I’m really kinda mega hoping you’ll all be up for this! So please (pretty please) come along and make your wishes, leave em in the comment box. It’s just for fun but lets see if they come true and have a blast trying!

First Up me:

“I wish for an end to child poverty and please please please could I be size 8 for the day!”

Cute or what!


What do you reckon to this vintage picture, cute or what!

I found it whilst having a good old rummage around a charity shop. I had to have it coz it reminded me of my crazy chooks ‘n’ kids!

See chooks are only meant to have a little bit of corn in the after noon.

Well not in this gaff! it’s more like every time they see us, and if they can’t see us they peck on the door till we hand over the reddies!

Anyways, for under a tenner I bagged myself one sweet little picture for my home, and with just a little paint and distressing gave it a shabby-chic look that I love!

If you like vintage pictures take a look in your local charity/thrift shops and see what you can grab yourself!

Eggs to use up? try these forgotten cookies


To be honest with my three little chooks I don’t have this problem, but hey I don’t need an excuse to make these little beauties!

I’ve got an a lovely book on keeping chickens (Beginner’s guide to keeping chickens by Lee Faber) and in it some lovely egg recipes to share with you. These are small meringue cookies with a hint of chocolate which last about 5 minutes with my lot!

I’ve gotta be honest it took me a few goes to get these right and things got pretty messy! But after a little tweak to the original recipe they came out right!

Grab yourself:

2 egg whites

4 oz caster sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla essence

pinch of salt

6 oz white chocolate chopped into small pieces

How to:

Preheat the oven to 180°C (350°F/gas mark 4). Cover two baking sheets with aluminium foil.

Get a large mixing bowl and put your egg whites in (you can’t have the slightest hint of yolk or it goes wrong!) using an electric hand whisk on its highest setting whisk the egg whites until firm but not dry. Now you need to add the sugar, but do this a teaspoon at a time and after each addition whisk in thoroughly on the highest setting. When the meringue is glossy and forming stiff peaks and is glossy you are done!

Add your salt and vanilla essence and very carefully fold in your chopped chocolate.

Drop 24 teaspoons of the mixture onto your baking sheets and place in your oven. Turn oven off immediately, and leave for 6 hours.

Then behold a plate of yummy cookies awaits!

Pretty crochet flowers


If you ask me girl can never have too many flowers. I love to give and receive a bloom, but what I really love is to crochet some! There’s nothing cuter than a little bunch of crochet flowers displayed in a simple jam jar on your kitchen table, as part of a brooch or even to brighten up winter shrubs in your garden, and with a little practice you can easily achieve some stunning effects.

Give it a try and see if you don’t get hooked yourself, if your not already that is!

The pattern I’ve used here is from one of my fave books: Crochet Bouquet by Suzann Thompson.

make 5 chain and join with a slip stitch to form a ring. then there is only one round:

make 3 chain and do 2 treble clusters into ring. yarn around hook, insert into ring, yarn around hook and draw through 2 loops on hook (do this twice) yarn around hook and draw through all 3 loops on hook. Repeat for a total of 5 times. Fasten off, and weave in all yarn ends.

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10 Cute and Gross ideas for your Halloween Party!


Happy Halloween!

1. Sawdust apple bobbing! 

Fill a large bucket with sawdust and add apples! A twist on an old fave, be sure to offer a water version for little ones and scared big ones!

2. Yummy chocolate fondue station! 

You can make this as small or large as you need for your party. Basically you want to have a fondue set with melted caramel/chocolate set out. Surrounded by bowls of coloured sprinkles and  lots of small sweets. Your little guests can then grab a marshmallow on a lolly stick and create their own yummy treat!

3. Spooky Halloween dip!

Basically lucky dip with a little twist for Halloween. amongst the sawdust add pretend spiders and cobwebs etc.

4. Gross Halloween dip!

Ok, here we are getting messy! Fill a couple of buckets with baked beans or tomato pasta and add some large pebbles at the bottom. Those brave enough to delve in and grab a pebble get a treat! Be sure to have a bucket of soapy water and towels handy!

5.Pumpkin Bowling!

Check out this cute pin! its gotta be worth a shot!

6. Pumpkin potato painting.

For your little guests, make a selection of potato stamps with pumpkin shapes. Have plenty of paper and paint ready, and newspaper to soak up the mess!

7. Pumpkin spider.

I came across this great idea I’m sure gonna give it a try this year:

8. Pumpkin decorating competition

Grab yourselves some glitter, paint, pipe cleaners and loads of other creative stuff and let your guests go to town decorating their own pumpkin. It can be as cute or gross as they like!

9. Pumpkin pinata smash!

Blow up a balloon and cover with paper mache (newspaper stripped and stuck together with flour and water paste). remember to leave a hole large enough to fill with sweets. Once dry pop the balloon, fill with sweets and cover hole with more paper mache and leave to dry again. Now you are ready to paint orange and add your pumpkin face! When you are ready every one can take turns to bash the pumpkin untill the sweets pour out!

10. Musical pumpkins!

Using pumpkins instead of chairs, get your guests ready for a good old traditional game of musical chairs! The last one seated on a pumpkin wins!