Yipee award time!


I was dead chuffed to have been nominated for a couple of awards, by two of my gorgeous blogging buddies.

First up, the gorgeous Life of Wonder nominated me for this  sunshine award. If you haven’t come across this fabulous blog yet, you like totally need to right now!

Second up is my cute blogging chum momtimes4 who nominated me for the beautiful blogger  award. Get on over there asap for a much-needed giggle!

Anyways as part of the rules I need to share 10 things about me, (could be boring!)

  • I am bonkers! My friends n family know that if they ask me to do something I am there but need to be reminded, don’t bother with notes I lose them (sometimes on purpose!)
  • I adore my 3 Chooks (way too much) and would love to breed some!
  • I want 2 Lamas NOW am not allowed any Lamas, my meanlovely family wont let me. (told you I was bonkers!)
  • I love my garden but I have black fingers and nothing grows. (even if it does the chooks eat them!)
  • I am hooked on crochet and anything crafty!
  • I love family holidays to the south of france where my mum and dad spend their summers.
  • I LOVEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Wine red/white/rose love em all!
  • I want to live in a thatched cottage one day!
  • I love bedtime, especially when hubby is already asleep (wink)!
  • I love my family and pray everyday that I am sooo lucky and happy.

Now I get to nominate 10 of my blogging chums for both of these awards (and tell them I have done so) , they are:

Phew well that was harder than I thought! I love way to many blogs to mention just 10 yikes!

just for fun: virtual wishing party!


One of my lovely fellow bloggers karenyim invited me to take part in her virtual dinner party! it was fun although I did find myself salivating over all the gorgeous “virtual” food!

Anyways the idea is you then throw one of your own! Me being me I had to give it my own twist so I’m throwing a wishing party!

Each guest gets to make a wish and then party on! and hey they may come true!

The rules said you have to invite 5 bloggers and 5 virtual guests who cannot be family. I’ve never been one for rules but I’m guessing I better stick to some, so I’m gonna have five special blogging guests of honour, but our whole blogging family is invited, you know like PARTY!

and for my virtual guests:

  • Daniel Craig. (come on folks we may need something to look at security!
  • Peter Kay. LOVE him (please say you know him British comedian!)
  • Chris Martin. Bit of a crush on my part, come on it’s coldplay!
  • Jamie Oliver. gorgeous party nibbles and drinks
  • Gok Wan. to get us looking ace for the party! (fun style guru)

Ok, so I’m really kinda mega hoping you’ll all be up for this! So please (pretty please) come along and make your wishes, leave em in the comment box. It’s just for fun but lets see if they come true and have a blast trying!

First Up me:

“I wish for an end to child poverty and please please please could I be size 8 for the day!”