Diary of a haggard mother: CCTV in schools

Well another week over and time to look forward to a week-end of fun with my gorgeous poppits! They’ve certainly done their fair share of arguing this week so I’m hoping that they will be spreading the love instead for the week-end!

We’ve had some giggles on the way to school, especially about the recent reports of CCTV in schools. My lovely 9-year-old said it would be an invasion of her privacy, as quoted exactly by her from newsround! I said I didn’t really think it mattered, but it was a bit much in the toilets and changing rooms!

My son has a bit of a reputation at home for spending quite a long time in the loo sometimes and we all agreed that a visual on this would be pretty horrifying!

After much giggling my son agreed and added his little pearl of wisdom which was that, really, the main reason for CCTV in schools was so that kids can’t escape!

We then all erupted in laughter!

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