let it snow- but not on me chooks!


Here at littlepoppits we got more of the white fluffy stuff, Yay!

The chooks still aint having none of it and when I tried to get them out, funky chicken, otherwise known as “the funkster”  pretty much told me to “cluck off”!

But hey the kids made some cracking snowmen and later I caught the chooks sneeking out for some corn, well they can’t live without it!

My chooks make some friends!


It’s been pretty cold down here in good old blighty and when the sun came out to play so did the chooks and their mates!

I know some of my gorgeous blogging family have been missing seeing them, especially laura rittenhouse so I got as many piccies as I could today. I even managed to snap a yellow tit, which I promised to show  seasongirl.

But my fave has got to be a snap of the chooks best mate, our resident blackbird. She sneaks into their coop every day to grab some munchies!

Have a butchers!

Oo-er missus! me chooks are freezing!


Help my chooks are freezing their feathers off!

I’m worried that they will be little blocks of ice in their coop! they’ve gotton extra hay n mega extra corn outta me and even got me thinking about heating! ( I know mad huh!)

Those cute little tap tapits at the door are getting kinda hard to ignore, and with talk of another big freeze here in good old blighty spreading what will become of my poor chooks!

As we speak I am thinking about crocheting them some jumpers- Nooooooo!

Reckon they could be spending christmas in our pad, but then my whole family will know for certain I am bonkers, what to do? and anyways how do I get the chooks to leave after!!?!

Come on chooks enough already!


omg! the chooks are so ruling the roost in our gaff right now!

It’s been raining bucket loads our end and the wind is blowing a gasket, as for the chooks, well lets just say they are not best pleased!

For all the noise they’ve been making I may as well have a cockeral! I tell you they can certainly blast out a good racket, they’re worse than the kids!  I reckon I’ve worked out what the fuss is all about: they want in, into our gaff I mean, I know this cos they keep pecking at the door!

Well I’m sorry chooks much as I love you it’s not happening, like never!