Shogatsu! Japanese New Year postcards


This is such a cute idea that we got from my daughters brownie book!

In Japan at new year, people send special postcards to their friends and family, to say thank you for their help in the past year.

It’s a really sweet way to say thank you to loved ones, and the kids had great fun making some for their grandparents.

just for fun: virtual wishing party!


One of my lovely fellow bloggers karenyim invited me to take part in her virtual dinner party! it was fun although I did find myself salivating over all the gorgeous “virtual” food!

Anyways the idea is you then throw one of your own! Me being me I had to give it my own twist so I’m throwing a wishing party!

Each guest gets to make a wish and then party on! and hey they may come true!

The rules said you have to invite 5 bloggers and 5 virtual guests who cannot be family. I’ve never been one for rules but I’m guessing I better stick to some, so I’m gonna have five special blogging guests of honour, but our whole blogging family is invited, you know like PARTY!

and for my virtual guests:

  • Daniel Craig. (come on folks we may need something to look at security!
  • Peter Kay. LOVE him (please say you know him British comedian!)
  • Chris Martin. Bit of a crush on my part, come on it’s coldplay!
  • Jamie Oliver. gorgeous party nibbles and drinks
  • Gok Wan. to get us looking ace for the party! (fun style guru)

Ok, so I’m really kinda mega hoping you’ll all be up for this! So please (pretty please) come along and make your wishes, leave em in the comment box. It’s just for fun but lets see if they come true and have a blast trying!

First Up me:

“I wish for an end to child poverty and please please please could I be size 8 for the day!”

What are we doing today?-10 quick and free answers


 ♥  ♥

1: Have a picnic

Head to the park and chill together.    Raining? no worries picnic on a blanket at home!

 ♥  ♥

2: Hold a talent show

Have you got some dressing up stuff at home? if so let them use their imagination and put on a talent show, you could invite friends and family and make a party of it!

♥  ♥

3: Home at the movies!

Get together to watch a dvd with everyone’s fave snacks.

♥  ♥

4: Go on a nature hunt

Pop outside rain or shine with suncream or wellies and see what you can spot. (flowers/birds/bugs etc.)

♥  ♥

5: Artist for the day

Let the kids show their creative side by drawing a portrait of someone using just a pencil and paper.

♥  ♥

6: Find out about your town

Most towns have a museum, which can sometimes be free. Pop along and find out more about the history of your town and make scrap books to show friends and family.

♥  ♥

7: Cake decorating competition

make some fairy cakes together and have a competition to see who can make them look the best! (invite some friends, the more the merrier!)

♥  ♥

8: Junk modeling

Raid your recycling and let the kids show their creative side by making models from it with sticky tape/string etc.

♥  ♥

9: Mini toy sale

Have your little poppits got any toys they don’t play with? If so have a rummage and a mini sale to your friends and neighbours. Any proceeds can be used to buy a treat.

♥  ♥

10: Blind taste testing

For a bit of fun try making some sandwiches with nice fillings and a few with horrors like jam and ham or Marmite and custard and see if there spotted! you’d be surprised!