Diary of a haggard mother: Oh crap I’m getting old!


There’s nothing like kids to remind you that you may be getting older quicker than you thought, and my darling little poppits are no different!

I have heard myself say all the things my mum used to say to me like “I would never have spoken to my mother like that!” and some which my mum never said, like “get your feet off the table!!!!” (I know but my kids are crazy)

But now I’ve gotton concrete proof that I am getting old!

As a last-minute kid free shop before half term, did I hit the shops for some much needed retail therapy?

No, I hit the shops desperate to get my mitts on the latest aerosol stain remover!

Uggh help I really am an old haggard mum, but boy does my laundry sparkle!

kids God love em!