sweet summer cover up

The good side of being, quite literally a bonified and kosher dusty old mole, is that at least I’ve been able to enter the made it monthly challenge, over at the fabulous woolhogs!

In case you didn’t know I’ve opened a Misi shop (make it sell it) you can check out my post here, anyways it has taken up a lot of my time, to say the least! Not only am I very dusty, but the house, well let’s just say we have a bit of a dust situation!

So, as I’ve been so busy being creative, for once entering was a breeze! I chose to enter this gorgeous super sweet waistcoat as it has been a real labour of love! It’s worked in a gorgeous silk and linen rowan yarn mix, like my bag in my post here. I had to add the chunky flower, as in case you hadn’t noticed I’m a bit of a flower power kinda chick!

I hope you guy’s can all forgive me for not posting/commenting as much as normal, but I have a right achy old back, which proves I’ve been slogging my gut’s out, also I can’t stop sneezing which is down to dust more than hay fever!

flower power bag


yikes I finished my bag in time for the made it monthly challenge over at the gorgeous woolhogs by the skin of my teeth!

It’s a sort of combination of lots of things I’ve spied in books and magazines and I love it. I’m trying to make enough stock to start an online shop so I’m a bit of a dusty mole surrounded by yarn and crochet hooks, with a pink bow on my head of course!

recently my beloved hubby told me I would never make enough money for all my time, but that has just made me all the more determined, so watch this mole hole!

ps I can’t wait to tell you about a gorgeous package I received from knitexpressions and heaps of yummy awards to share too!

love and hugs Teresa ♥ (aka dusty mole!)

super sweet giveaway!


Are you feelin the granny square loving for this super sweet bag? Well, if the answer is a big fat yes and you wanna get your mitts on it read on!

It’s crafted in a beautiful rowan natural silk aran in ‘jewel’ and as a huge thank you to all my gorgeous blogging pals I’m gonna give it away!

All you have to do is like my littlepoppits facebook page and then like and share the link on my page to be in with a chance of winning. Tweet about it too if you feel kinda twittery!

The winner will be announced on friday 26th April.

If you are not a facebook user, please reblogg this post, (if you want to reblogg anyways go for ya life!)

good luck!

pretty spring crochet coasters


Over at the gorgeous woolhogs, every month they hold a made it challenge. For April, they added a theme ‘seasons’. I really fancied entering and this cute idea popped into my head.

I loved making them, and am hoping to sell some at some local craft fairs if I can take the plunge and be brave!

They are very simple and sweet to make, It’s really just the inside of a granny square, from another fave book of mine, Granny Squares, by Barbara Wilder, Melanie Sturm & Stephanie Gohr.

I used cotton yarn and a 3mm hook, but you can use whatever you like such is the beauty of crochet!

ch5 join with ss into first chain to form a ring. round1: 1ch, work 8 dc in ring. round2: new colour, slip stitch in any dc, 3ch, 1 tr, 1ch, 2tr in each dc, ss in top of first 3 ch. round3: new colour, slip stitch into any ch space between tr clusters, 3ch, 2tr into same space, 1ch, 3tr into each space, ss into first 3 ch. round4: new colour, ss into same space, 1 ch dc into next 2tr, 4tr into ch space dc into 2nd and 3rd tr, repeat till end, ss into first ch. Fasten off and darn in ends.

granny sqaure iPhone cover


This is such a cute and versatile phone cover which fits most modern smartphones from one of my fave books, ‘granny square crochet’ by catherine hirst. I’ve added one extra row of edging purely to perfect any untidy stitches!

  • front
  • Using any colour, ch4, join with ss in first ch to form ring.
  • rnd 1: Ch3, 2tr in ring, *ch2, 3tr in ring; rep from * 2 times more, ch1, join with ss in top of ch-3. fasten off.
  • work second square as staring square but use join as you go method: work the first set of the corner grouping, then instead of making ch2 for the corner sp, insert the hook into the corner space of the starting square from underneath as shown. (1dc into the corner sp of the starting square counts as the first of 2ch for the corner space), ch1, then work the second set for the corner as usual. To continue joining the squares together, instead of the ch1, work 1dc into the next side sp of the starting square.








  • Rnd 2 : Attatch new colour in any ch-2 corner sp, ch3, (2tr, ch2, 3tr) in corner space, *ch1, (3tr, ch2, 3tr) in next corner space; rep from * 2 times more, ch1, join with ss in top of ch-3. fasten off.
  • Edging.
  • Attatch edging colour in any stitch, ch1, *1dc in each st and ch to corner, 2dc in each corner ch; rep from * 3 times more, 1dc in each st and ch to end, join with ss in first dc. fasten off.
  •  back:
  • row 1: using any colour, ch15, miss 1 ch, 1dc in each ch, turn. (14 sts)
  • row 2: Ch1, 1dc in each dc to end, turn. Rep row 2 another 21 times or untill piece measures same as front. fasten off.
  • finishing:
  • Hold front and back together with wrong side facing. Attatch edging colour to corner of one long edge, ch1, work dc join around 3 sides, working 2dc in each ch at both corners and leaving one short side open. fasten off.


Have a heart for valentines day ♥


My pad is full to bursting with hearts, so I figured I’d share them with you guys since it’s valentines an all!

  • One of my faves is little puffed hearts. I like to attach mine to jar lids and granny squares. You just need to crochet two hearts, stuff them and sew together.
  • Then there is a dead cute idea for a heart twig tree from lucy’s blog at attic24. (you can find great heart patterns and instructions here too)
  • I also love my little beaded heart garland, and what about a sweet cross-stitch message in a cute frame?

I’ve also snuck in a peak at my latest tea cosy, I’m thinking of replacing the pom-pom with a massive heart. Yet more proof that I’m bonkers!