cute retro sideboard


It was love at first sight when I clapped my eyes on this cute retro sideboard! It just needed a bit of granny chic charm, how could I resist! A quick lick of paint and a sweet retro fabric lining later and here it is packed with all my goodies!

Why can’t I keep up with this blog?


As usual I fell of the blogging radar yet again! How is that possible and what is wrong with me, and why can’t I keep up with this blog? answers on a postcard pretty please!

I was just thinking, that I might chuck the towel in, but after reading some lovely messages from my gorgeous bloggin pals, I thought com on girlie get on it, so here I am yet again!

So grab a cuppa and I’ll fill you in on all the goss!

Yay, mumma poppit is still running and training for my half marathon in october! Ok so there was just one teeny mistake when I got some new barefoot running shoes. They were so gorgeous (deep coral) and having a blonde moment I pedicured my feet before wearing them (well I wasn’t having dirty feet in my new trainers now was I!). This was not good and resulted in huge open blood blisters on the arch of my feet,  ouch!

I did also find myself entering the ballot for next years London marathon! I kinda got caught up in the hype, but also hubby and the kids laughed so much it made me enter, and I’ve decided to do one next year anyways!

DSC_0613In other news, I did do a craft fair, with my gorgeous sis in law. We had such great fun we are thinking about going into business together and I’m really excited. I’ve also decided to set up a shop online selling crochet and vintage goods, I just need to come up with a name, any ideas?

love n hugs Teresa♥

Diary of a haggard mother: my cheeky little valantine!



Ok, so Valantines day is a time to spread the love right? well my cutie pie youngest thinks so and sent me this adorable poem:

roses are red

violets are blue

if you love me

I love you!

cute huh!

On the flip side, my cheeky little man sends his poor old mum, aka me, this not so adorable ode:

Roses are red

and violets are blue

if you eat too much

you’ll get a big Bum

like mum!

Oh well guess you can’t win em all!

Kids God love em!

pretty makeover for old boats


Sailing has always played a big part of life for us here, so basically we have a lot of boats and classic model yachts around the joint!

One in particular had seen better days and glancing through one of my fave books, Homemade gifts vintage style by Sarah moore, I fell upon this sweet idea.

To refurbish the sails all you need to do is simply sew the new fabric to the existing sails. To do this lay the boat down on a piece of paper and draw around the sails to make templates and cut them out. Chalk these templates onto fabric. Cut the fabric out and pin onto the sails, using a needle and thread, sew all the way round the edges using small running stitches.

I think it looks bonza and hubby is still talking to me! (he’s just glad I didn’t spray it pink, which between you and me I very nearly did!)

Oh I do love to be beside my doilys!


Yay littlepoppits is back with a bump! (not a baby one!) guess me and my gang partied a bit too hard, Can you do that! no didn’t think so either. Anyways here’s just one of the things I’ve been up too!

I just love crochet doilys and have a HUGE stash of the things, mostly vintage and a few I’ve made when patience allowed (not many of these!). I was chuffed to bits to find a use for them in my trusty granny chic book! (if you wanna get your mitts on it it’s by dottie angel and ted & agnes.)

It’s a beautiful idea and so easy. You just arrange your doilys in a way that makes you happy and sew together with embroidery thread, you do this very obviously and roughly which is great for me as I don’t sew well!. It can be as few for a table mat or loads for a gorgeous bedspread! I made a tablecloth, and I reckon it’s dead cute!

p.s. you may also notice that my fabric wrapping obsession is still going strong, as you can see from my table! (opps)

Diary of a haggard mother: ‘I-spy warning!’


omg! I have so got to be more careful when playing I-spy.

You may say that I spy would be a lovely game to play with the kids, well sure you’d be right, but not in our gaff oh no, my littlehorrorpoppit sure messed that one up, here’s what happened:

Lets set the scene, I’m with my boy, were talking school trip, train ride and teachers (lot’s). So I’m thinking this is a good time for I-spy, how wrong I was!

Me: “I spy with my little eye something beginning with f”

Take a guess; forest, fun, fast train, you know the usual stuff nothing too hard right?

But no, my darling littlehorrorpoppit aint picking none of these oh no and says in his most angelic and very loud voice: “f**k mummy?”

Yeah I know cute huh!, so after scraping myself off the floor, I replied no sweetheart I was thinking farm ok! then very quietly (where did you get that word from-well mum your always saying not to say the f word and it just popped into my head). Great knew it would be my fault!

So let this be a warning to you, I-spy is not always a safe bet!

Kids god love em!