10 Cute and Gross ideas for your Halloween Party!


Happy Halloween!

1. Sawdust apple bobbing! 

Fill a large bucket with sawdust and add apples! A twist on an old fave, be sure to offer a water version for little ones and scared big ones!

2. Yummy chocolate fondue station! 

You can make this as small or large as you need for your party. Basically you want to have a fondue set with melted caramel/chocolate set out. Surrounded by bowls of coloured sprinkles and  lots of small sweets. Your little guests can then grab a marshmallow on a lolly stick and create their own yummy treat!

3. Spooky Halloween dip!

Basically lucky dip with a little twist for Halloween. amongst the sawdust add pretend spiders and cobwebs etc.

4. Gross Halloween dip!

Ok, here we are getting messy! Fill a couple of buckets with baked beans or tomato pasta and add some large pebbles at the bottom. Those brave enough to delve in and grab a pebble get a treat! Be sure to have a bucket of soapy water and towels handy!

5.Pumpkin Bowling!

Check out this cute pin! its gotta be worth a shot!

6. Pumpkin potato painting.

For your little guests, make a selection of potato stamps with pumpkin shapes. Have plenty of paper and paint ready, and newspaper to soak up the mess!

7. Pumpkin spider.

I came across this great idea I’m sure gonna give it a try this year:

8. Pumpkin decorating competition

Grab yourselves some glitter, paint, pipe cleaners and loads of other creative stuff and let your guests go to town decorating their own pumpkin. It can be as cute or gross as they like!

9. Pumpkin pinata smash!

Blow up a balloon and cover with paper mache (newspaper stripped and stuck together with flour and water paste). remember to leave a hole large enough to fill with sweets. Once dry pop the balloon, fill with sweets and cover hole with more paper mache and leave to dry again. Now you are ready to paint orange and add your pumpkin face! When you are ready every one can take turns to bash the pumpkin untill the sweets pour out!

10. Musical pumpkins!

Using pumpkins instead of chairs, get your guests ready for a good old traditional game of musical chairs! The last one seated on a pumpkin wins!