magic monday


I’m so excited to share this magic moment for my monday linky with the olivers mad house!

I did it, I’m chuffed to bits, over the moon, away with the fairies………………………….

I did my 10K in under 60 minute’s! Ok so at 59:24 only just, but that is so cool for me! On the downside I didn’t beat the hubster, he clocked in at 53 seconds, but hey you can’t win em all! So mumma poppit is still running, and even starting to shift some of my rhino butt. Yay!

Why can’t I keep up with this blog?


As usual I fell of the blogging radar yet again! How is that possible and what is wrong with me, and why can’t I keep up with this blog? answers on a postcard pretty please!

I was just thinking, that I might chuck the towel in, but after reading some lovely messages from my gorgeous bloggin pals, I thought com on girlie get on it, so here I am yet again!

So grab a cuppa and I’ll fill you in on all the goss!

Yay, mumma poppit is still running and training for my half marathon in october! Ok so there was just one teeny mistake when I got some new barefoot running shoes. They were so gorgeous (deep coral) and having a blonde moment I pedicured my feet before wearing them (well I wasn’t having dirty feet in my new trainers now was I!). This was not good and resulted in huge open blood blisters on the arch of my feet,  ouch!

I did also find myself entering the ballot for next years London marathon! I kinda got caught up in the hype, but also hubby and the kids laughed so much it made me enter, and I’ve decided to do one next year anyways!

DSC_0613In other news, I did do a craft fair, with my gorgeous sis in law. We had such great fun we are thinking about going into business together and I’m really excited. I’ve also decided to set up a shop online selling crochet and vintage goods, I just need to come up with a name, any ideas?

love n hugs Teresa♥

yikes I’ve entered a half marathon!


I got it booked quick as a flash before I bottled out!

But hey, wrap your eyeballs around this hill, a worn out mumma could conk out up there!

If I could roll down it would be kinda fun, but I’m guessing it’s not allowed.

So far I’ve clocked up 195K , and now I just need to master the art of not falling flat on my face!

I fell for a third time yesterday when I pretty gracefully nose-dived into the road. Lucky for me no injuries, just a huge bruise and heaps of blood. (don’t worry I am so milking this at home right now!)

One things for sure I’m gonna be heading over to the gorgeous Oh Lidia for her delicious smoothie breakfast recipes, and heaps of other yummy stuff to keep me going.

So there we are guys, let’s see if I can shrink this mummas rhino butt for good!

saving the planet and mummys bum! part 2


Ok so I dropped off the blogging radar for a while there (again), but hey I’ve been working my butt off literally!


Hey guy’s remember back in part 1 I joined a cool running group on facebook, 5k a day keeps the fat at bay! The challenges are bronze: 5k per week in one run, silver run a total of 35k per week, gold run 5k every day.

I found silver works best for me and I’ve just finished week 5, for a butt busting total of 175k so far. Join in with me here, it’ll be fun!

I’m still not sure how I’m doing this!!??, but I’m starting to love it! I’m even thinking of signing up to a local half marathon. (If you can hear laughter right now that’ll be my proper cheeky family) Tell you what though, this girl is so gonna show em!

As for my bum, well I can’t share a snap just yet cos it still looks like this:

about the size of 2x rhinoceros’ bums!

lol Teresa x

saving the planet and mummy’s bum!


I lost my blogging mojo for a bit there, but yay it’s back!


At my poppits school, they try to encourage the kids to walk to school to save the planet, you know from pollution and stuff. Thing is it’s kinda hard to get the kids on board and it’s become a bit of a family joke now cos I say “come on we’re saving the planet!” and my little horrors sweet cherubs chime, “and mummy’s bum”, nice huh!

Anyways I’ve decided to do something about it once and for all, so I joined a group 5k a day keeps the fat at bay! (anyone who usually tunes in knows I’m bonkers so this won’t surprise you) It’s an open group join if you dare here!

So far so good, I’m currently on day 9 and have had all the delights that the good old British weather has to offer, spring sun, wind and rain, and my personal fave snow blizzard!

So I reckon when the chips are down, the girl done good!

I’ll keep you posted and if my bum shrinks sufficiently I may even share a snap!

lol teresa x