Super sweet blogging award!


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My lovely blogging chum at little duckies nominated me for this super sweet award, cute huh!

As usual with these things there are rules! so here goes:

first up display the logo, yay done!

second up nominate 13 of gorgeous blogging pals:

  1.  mom times 4
  2. laura rittenhouse
  3. hurbalurbs
  4. motherhood is an art
  5. jewels for all
  6. homelealass
  7. House Among The Trees
  8. Vu chickens
  9. summer hibiscus
  10. counting down from zero
  11. now at home mom
  12. the sadder but wiser girl
  13. Ellie at emerald pie

third up answer these:

  1. Cookies or cake?  Both please- yeah I know I’m greedy!
  2. Chocolate or vanilla?  Both please- oops!
  3. What is your favourite sweet treat?  Cheesecake (any kind!)
  4. When do you crave sweet things the most?  If I spot some in a cafe/bakers!
  5.  If you had a sweet nickname, what would it be?  strawberries n cream!

Phew job done! thanks again to my lovely pal at little duckies be sure to stop by and take a look. It’s a blog about parenting and life of a gorgeous mum living in Israel, which always interests me deeply.