Yay its raining awards!


It’s raining cats and dogs here at littlepoppits! and awards too! I am so chuffed and its a great opportunity to pass them on to some of my gorgeous blogging pals.

Thanks so much to ddlollybabe (check out some truly inspiring crochet and pop over there now), and lovinghomemade (gorgeous home made baking and heaps of other home made crafts.) who nominated me for the sunshine award. Yay!sunshine-award

I would love to pass this on to 10 of my gorgeous blogging pals:

Then the very lovely coop-poop nominated me for the very inspiring blogger award. Thank you coop poop! If you keep chickens or even if you don’t you should head over there and take a look. It’s chooktastic!


For this award I would love to nominate:

gutted I can’t say more!

So the rules are to thank those who nominated me and tell those I have nominated and share 7 random facts about myself: here goes:

  1. I am bonkers!
  2. I love my chooks (far too much!)
  3. I have three gorgeous little poppits!
  4. I love to crochet and do crafts
  5. I would love 2 Llamas! (did say I was bonkers)
  6. I love to go running
  7. I love a good cup of tea

if I’ve got any links wrong, do tell me and I’ll sort it. x