Come on chooks enough already!

omg! the chooks are so ruling the roost in our gaff right now!

It’s been raining bucket loads our end and the wind is blowing a gasket, as for the chooks, well lets just say they are not best pleased!

For all the noise they’ve been making I may as well have a cockeral! I tell you they can certainly blast out a good racket, they’re worse than the kids!  I reckon I’ve worked out what the fuss is all about: they want in, into our gaff I mean, I know this cos they keep pecking at the door!

Well I’m sorry chooks much as I love you it’s not happening, like never!



13 thoughts on “Come on chooks enough already!

  1. Ours, too! I am embarrassed to say that there was a hot second where I indulged them and kept the doors open, but my husband about lost his mind over it. What’s really funny is that they’ve realized that the dogs get let in and out, and they lay in wait and make a run for the door under the dogs’ feet. Chickens.

  2. Too cute! My chooks will churple at the door (they tried pecking but that got them nowhere). Both hubbie and I love their sweet little talk and open the door when we hear them. But we put up a barricade (a clothes drying rack) so they can see in and we can see out but they can’t walk in to our abode. That normally satisfies and they sit for a good preen or a nap near us.

    Heaven help us if we leave the door open and don’t put the barricade in place – the girls wander in to investigate. They are so excited by the prospect of being inside that they start to chuckle quite loudly and we come running to shoo them out before the take up residence on our couch!

  3. Oh come on…let them in!!! LOL! You just made me think of a story I have to share on my blog about my pet goat!! I have to find the pictures!! I’m on a mission now!! I love that you have chickens running everywhere!!

  4. Very windy and rainy here too. I wish it would go away. It was so windy one day last week that I didn’t let the chooks out until the afternoon because I was scared the wind would blow them away.

      • Today we have a few clouds and I’m praying for rain. We haven’t had enough of it for months now. I wonder how many people are satisfied with their weather day in and day out. I have to say Sydney is a great climate but there do seem to be long wet stretches followed by long dry ones. Climate change will make it worse (maybe it’s started already) but really this is just what weather likes to do. Mother Nature has her rhythms and we mere mortals must dance to her tune.

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