let it snow- but not on me chooks!

Here at littlepoppits we got more of the white fluffy stuff, Yay!

The chooks still aint having none of it and when I tried to get them out, funky chicken, otherwise known as “the funkster”  pretty much told me to “cluck off”!

But hey the kids made some cracking snowmen and later I caught the chooks sneeking out for some corn, well they can’t live without it!

25 thoughts on “let it snow- but not on me chooks!

  1. I so would NOT come out of that snowy chicken coop. I’m sure your girls hate you for making it snow and then not delivering them corn with a cup of hot cocoa. You’re going to have to raise your game if you want a look other than that “cluck off” 🙂

  2. Brilliant!…we’re at the opposite end of the spectrum and are bathing in ridiculous heat!! My chooks love our paddling pool.. I spied one taking a quick dip yesterday morning!!! Bless them!! Loving the Snowman too – Gotta love snow! 🙂

  3. I love the drama that our chickens put on when it is really cold or there is snow. They have a small chicken door to come out of the coop that only one can fit out at a time and then there is a ramp for them to go down. They start rushing out like they do every morning but then by the time about three are out the first one decides it is way to cold or snowy to be out and she turns around and tries to go back in and it successively happens with each chicken. Except the ones still inside are desperately trying to get out and can’t figure out why the others are now trying to get back in and it becomes a hilarious and dramatic traffic jam of chickens trying to get in and out and clucking and trying to get underneath or over eachother on a narrow ramp and through a small door. It gives me a good laugh every time. Silly chickens!

  4. Finally got some time to catch up with stuff, and just had to say that down here in mid-cornwall we got no snow at all this winter. So in some ways I’m jealous of your snowman, but in other ways I’m secretly relieved that I avoided the chaos that the snow bought!

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