sweet summer cover up

The good side of being, quite literally a bonified and kosher dusty old mole, is that at least I’ve been able to enter the made it monthly challenge, over at the fabulous woolhogs!

In case you didn’t know I’ve opened a Misi shop (make it sell it) you can check out my post here, anyways it has taken up a lot of my time, to say the least! Not only am I very dusty, but the house, well let’s just say we have a bit of a dust situation!

So, as I’ve been so busy being creative, for once entering was a breeze! I chose to enter this gorgeous super sweet waistcoat as it has been a real labour of love! It’s worked in a gorgeous silk and linen rowan yarn mix, like my bag in my post here. I had to add the chunky flower, as in case you hadn’t noticed I’m a bit of a flower power kinda chick!

I hope you guy’s can all forgive me for not posting/commenting as much as normal, but I have a right achy old back, which proves I’ve been slogging my gut’s out, also I can’t stop sneezing which is down to dust more than hay fever!

36 thoughts on “sweet summer cover up

  1. I LOVE it Teresa! Dust, you say? For Emma’s birthday party last year, one of the mom’s rang me and told me her daughter had a peanut allergy. I responding with: “No worries. If you would have told me she was allergic to dust, we would have had a problem!” She didn’t react at all. I thought it was kind of cute!

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    • thank you! (sorry not to get back sooner, been on holiday!) That’s been the hardest part for me, finding the right price point. I have been to a few craft fairs and seen other pricing, but I tend to calculate how much it cost me in material and then add a mark up for my time and skill.

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